Wild Goats

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Wild Australian Goats

Goats arrived in Australia with the First Fleet in 1788 and spread with settlers throughout the country. Australia’s wild goats occupy about 1.21 million square kilometres, mostly in the semi-arid and arid lands used for pastoral farming of sheep. About one million goats are mustered each year, mainly for abattoir slaughter. Wild goats weigh about 2.6 kilograms at birth, with male kids being heavier than females, a difference they retain throughout their lives. Adult goats (over three years old) from South Australia weigh about 45 kilograms for females and 60 kilograms for males.

The meat from wild goats has a similar taste to lamb. Goat has exceptional nutritional qualities offering significant benefits for the health conscious. Goat meat is extremely low in calories and has a lower fat content than lean chicken yet has iron levels higher than beef. Completely free from antibiotics, chemicals, growth hormones or any artificial intervention making it the ultimate free range and organic meat! Consumers can be assured it is a safe meat to eat, processed to comply with strict Australian and Export standards.

Goats can be skin on & skin off