Wild Cattle

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Wild Australian Cattle

Cattle were first introduced to the Northern Territory in the 1820’s. Between the 1820’s and early1900’s, a number of pastoral properties were abandoned and the existing cattle were let loose. It was thought that these cattle might establish wild populations that may be harvested at a later date. Today, some pastoral properties harvest feral cattle for domestic and international markets, making control programs for this species relatively difficult due to the rough terrain of the Arnhem lands & the wild Kimberly ranges.

Food quality control has become vital in the modern world & Australia’s red meat industry has a much envied international reputation for food quality & safety.

Windyhills Australian Game Meats now operates an Halal export approved abattoir at Batchelor in the Australian Northern Territory. Specialising in the processing of wild run & captured cattle from the wilds of Arnhem lands & the Kimberly Ranges

The advantages of wild beef meats are knowing that all animals have been free range grazing on natural growing bushland shrubs & grasses throughout the Australian outback.

Relax to the thoughts of your selected meats containing no chemicals & growth enhances, as close to organic as wild beast meats can be.

Whether you are a connoisseur of fine foods or a BBQ lover Let your taste buds decide.