Wild Camel

Wild Australian Camels

Windy Hills Australian Game Meats are the largest processors,exporters of Halal approved Australian Camel meat.

Why eat camel meat?

  • Low in cholesterol
  • High in protein
  • Flavour & texture similar to beef,
  • Wild camel meat means no farmed chemicals,
  • Perfect for the health conscientious.

Australia is the only Country in the world with reputed roaming stocks of wild camel population. There is an estimated 1,000,000 animals roaming the Arid lands of central Australia.

WHAGM is involved with the co-operation of indigenous communities, station owners & pastoral lease operators in the mustering, yarding & transporting of the feral camels to designated licensed halal & export approved abattoirs.


At present Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, USA, Canada, Europe, East Africa & Asia are currently importing camel meat directly from Australia.

For meat specifications click onto the camel industry website www.camelsaust.com.au