Australian Farmed Venison

Breeders of quality animals from imported bloodlines.

Registered and Commercial stock available for sale.

Fallow, Reds and Rusa livestock.

Over 15 years experience in the industry.

Windy Hills Australian Game Meats is commitment to process superior, young Australian Fallow & Red deer. We produce a lean and subtle venison that is an exciting, accessible and healthy alternative red meat

Windy Hills Australian Game Meats Venison is a versatile and extremely tender meat that is easy to cook while also possessing the desirable qualities of being low in fat and high in iron.

Although man’s long association with deer throughout the world has entailed keeping many species in captivity for a variety of purposes, the concept of venison and velvet (deer horn) production from large scale commercial deer farms dates only from recent years.


Following studies from New Zealand, England and Canada, Windy Hills Australian Game Meats was founded in 1979.  The long slow process of building the herds from selected blood lines began immediately. Careful selection of temperament, body size and velvet production is the main objective to our breeding program.

Windy Hills Australian Game Meats is now stocked with three species have different annual cycles of breeding and body conditioning, Windy Hills Australian Game Meats is able to supply the market with fresh venison and velvet throughout the year.

Modern deer handling facilities and yards have been built complete with hydraulic crush for stress free handling of deer and man. Special equipment has been purchased to control the progress of venison from the paddock to the consumer. The equipment includes computerised weighing system ,deer transporter and industrial fridges and freezers.